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How we work at Athlete’s Tune-Up & Repair


The Evaluation:

The first visit for everyone who comes to Athlete’s Tune-Up & Repair is a complete, comprehensive Evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  It is the cornerstone of a treatment plan for our Physical Therapy patients.  And it’s what makes the program planning for our Strength & Conditioning Clients a custom fit.  When you have carefully examined all the moving parts, you can better address the system as a whole and move forward effectively & SAFELY.  The Evaluation is a crucial tool for trouble shooting potential injury conditions that may already be underway.

Because most serious injuries start or end up at the level of the joints, the Evaluation clears the joints first and moves on from there:

  • Joint by joint stress testing to expose joints that have lost some of their structural integrity (too loose) or joints that have adhered down (too tight, lacking the required glide to allow the limb to move freely)
  • Isolated muscle group testing, to tease out subtle weaknesses
  • Passive flexibility testing
  • Functional movement testing to determine if the appropriate motion is available for the specific training or rehab program
  • Thorough review of injury & training history
  • Sport specific analysis of required biomechanics.  Looking for technique faults that can cause injury or limit performance potential


After the Evaluation:

Physical Therapy Patients:  As the Evaluation winds to a close, Physical Therapy patients are given their first treatment.  Based on the injury process at hand, treatment is usually a combination of hands-on mobilization of joints and/or soft tissue, followed by a corrective exercise prescription.

Strength & Conditioning Clients:  We go over the findings of the Evaluation and make a blueprint of what we will work on together based on the Client goals and any trouble spots that were exposed in the Evaluation.  We then start the agreed upon program, and the client goes home with a short list of things to start working on.

Our Philosophy: We are very fundamentals & functional movement based. Dialing in the fundamentals first builds a solid foundation. Our programs are typically designed around body-weight exercises and free weight exercises.  By emphasizing fundamentals we are able to teach good technique that can be applied broadly.  We want all of our Patients & Clients to understand the what, why and how of each exercise in their program.

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