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Physical Therapy

We are a cash basis Physical Therapy Provider.  We collect our fees at the point of service. We are not in-network with any insurance providers.  If your insurance carrier allows for out-of-network Specialists visits, we will provide you with the codes you would need to file on your own.  Please consult your insurance carrier benefits department for more information.

That said, if you have a high deductible that has not yet been met, your out-of-pocket per visit cost with us will be significantly less than what you would pay out-of-pocket going to a hospital based or rehab facility that is contracted with your insurance carrier.

Single Visit: $125.00                 Package of 4 Visits: $400.00

Strength and Conditioning Programs/Exercise Clients

1 hour: $75.00     Package of 4:  $260.00

Double Trouble: Share an hour of training with a buddy and split the cost in half.  We like using the Buddy system because it builds more accountability into your program

All Evaluations

The first visit for everyone who comes to Athlete’s Tune-Up & Repair is a complete, comprehensive Evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.  It is the cornerstone of a treatment plan for our Physical Therapy patients.  And it’s what makes the program planning for our Strength & Conditioning Clients a custom fit.  When you have carefully examined all the moving parts, you can better address the system as a whole and move forward effectively & SAFELY.  The Evaluation is a crucial tool for trouble shooting potential injury conditions that may already be underway.


Our Guarantee

We are here to teach you, and help you over a trouble spot. We promise that you will complete your work with us able to do the things you love to do. We promise that you will have gained some solid know-how in working smartly with your own body.

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