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Beat Running Injuries: Build A Better Runner

The Build A Better Runner Program is designed to troubleshoot the specifics of your movement dysfunctions and injury vulnerabilities and then CREATE A BLUEPRINT TO FIX THE PROBLEMS at the root cause. Maximize your potential, get stronger and smooth out your running gait. Our evaluation is really thorough:

  • Video stride mechanics analysis using the most up to date running medicine science
  • Joint by joint stress testing to expose joints that have lost some of their structural integrity (too loose) or joints that have adhered down (too tight)
  • Isolated muscle group testing to tease out quiet weaknesses
  • Passive flexibility testing
  • Functional movement testing to determine if appropriate motion for running is available
  • Thorough review of injury and training history

The incidence of running injuries for the recreational runner is between 37% and 56% each year….
Most of these injuries can be prevented.

  • Does your stride feel stiff? Are you heavy on your feet?
  • Are you training for a race and already have some nagging aches that could blow up?
  • Would you like to be faster?
  • Does the minimalist footwear and forefoot striking movement interest you?
  • Is it time for you to get real solutions so you can run like you want to?



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