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Tune-Up: Improve Performace

physical therapy for athletesHave you noticed changes in the way you are moving?
There are times when you can tell that something in a joint or area of your body is just “off”. It hurts a little when you are training or playing and you can’t figure out what the problem is.

But, I’m not really injured, can a Physical Therapist help me?

YES! That’s what our Tune-Up  service is all about: PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE.  Find out what is going on with your body BEFORE it turns into a full blown injury

The Tune-Up service is a full body examination by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Each joint is manually tested for appropriate glide and for ligamentous stability. Isolated muscle testing, functional movement testing and a thorough review of your injury history and current training program are included in the Tune-Up.

  • Restore normal joint glides
  • Get stronger in the planes of movement that will return normal movement patterns
  • Understand your old injuries
  • Get a blueprint for moving forward without limitation or pain

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